Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our art room was downsized and moved to a trailer. It has no storage and a trickle of a water supply. Our school also changed into a STEAM school for only k-5 students. Every student in the school takes art one day a week every 6 days. Our enrollment is now over 850 students. That is like packing 30 sardines into a tiny can and giving them no art supplies for each class. In order to fill one bucket with water, we have to do it cup by cup and then throw the dirty water out the door, because the sink is too small to empty a bucket. We are out of watercolors because we used them all up last year and temperas are out because they need too much water to use and to clean up. I am teaching a lot of art history and making my students worksheets to learn about the important sculptures, paintings, ceramics and drawings. Well, until the copy paper ran out. There are so many art supplies we could use or videos we could watch. Very small, really small projects work best when each student's art overlaps the next person. But for now, we are learning about Prehistoric and Egyptian Art on letter sized copy paper. The rooms' storage capabilities are limited. We really need another storage cabinet, new art tables and lots of small projects for art supplies. There is no substitute for studio art and learning art skills. And, my students are very talented. They deserve to learn how to paint on canvas and work in ceramics and sculpture. They love the studio sessions the best! But, it is just not meant to be in this small, cramped trailer with no windows and only one exit. Is there any hope?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Classroom Project

Masters of Arts in Teaching Campaign

Every year teachers spend over $1.6 billion of their own money for school supplies. This is a disturbing new trend, where districts are paying for teachers, but not for the books and supplies needed to teach. My school is Title 1 and I haven't had a budget to speak up for four out of six years. I have to do a lot of recycling and applying for grants to get my students the materials and tools they need for a decent art program. 'The Classroom Project is a campaign which gives a voice to educators everywhere that are spending money out of pocket for their classrooms. Now is the time for communities to show their support for teachers while raising awareness about the need for additional supplies in the classroom.'

Sunday, June 9, 2013


The Art Spotlight is on Luis Esparza, recent 8th Grade graduate of Butler! Luis worked diligently in art class and at home to design over 5 acrylic paintings. Here you see 3 of them. Luis is on his way to artistic greatness! Keep up the creativity, Luis!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

6th Grade Science Class Builds & Decorates Bird Houses!

Which is your favorite bird house? With two granta from Disney, Wells Fargo, Horace Mann and several donors on, the Art Department supplied the bird houses and feeders to Mrs. Gonzalez's 6th Grade Science class! "Creating an Audubon bird habitat @Disney #1 and #2" provided us with bird houses, bird feeders, binoculars, Watercolor Travel Kits and an IPad. Each design is so unique! A special upcoming project with the bird houses and feeders will hopefully be realized the next school year between Udall and Butler! More science and art collaboration is in store! Can't wait to see this! Wonderful job, 6th Graders! (Oops, now 7th Graders)

Butler Art Needs Your Support!

Check out our Art projects on You can support your students' artistic talents by donating to art projects they love! And encourage them to practice their drawing over the Summer Break. Go to: Your children will THANK YOU!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Student of the Month: Pricela Reyes

2nd grade creative art student, Pricela, was always offering to help in the art room. Her bright cheerful smile was such a friendly sight! She was a big help to her classmates, too! And she makes beautiful art. Congratulations, Pricela!

8th Grader Sculpts Awesome Artwork

Talented 8th Grader, Joshua Soto, designed an awesome sculpture for his Language Arts project. He came to art in his free time to work on the design, and then glazed it for the kiln. We think it is special! Good work, Joshua!

Middle School Artist designs new Butler Mural

Middle School Art student, Jannia, designed a new Butler mural. It's first appearance was at the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremonies near the stage. Next, Jannia co-ordinated hand-print designs with Ms. Flores's first grade class on the last day of school. (A picture of the finished mural will be coming soon!) Awesome Jannia!

Surprise for Improved Butler Student!

This was a sweet picture of a Butler student's surprise from his Guidance Counselor, Ms. Romo.

Middle School Art Show Award Winners

Friday, May 24, 2013

Art Students Paint Faces at Butler's Water Day

Butler Middle School students volunteered to paint faces at the annual Water Day! There were long lines and plenty of awesome designs! Thanks so much to the 7th Grade girls and to Ms. Moore! Butler has such talent!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Justin Pierce Teaches Art Classes- Day 2

Thanks to a grant from, Justin Pierce was a visiting artist to Butler. He even volunteered to come back and teach art on his own time. Butler art students love his style and this was a very successful Art event.